Project Updates

Progress on the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) continues. The work is being completed in three drafting phases:

  • Phase I: Summer ’18
    • Districts, Table of Uses, Definitions
  • Phase II: Early ’19
    • Permitted Use Standards; Dimensions (setbacks, building heights, etc.); general standards (signs, parking, lighting, landscaping, etc.); Subdivisions; Stormwater
  • Phase III: Spring/Summer ’19
    • Procedures & City/County alignment
  • Formal Adoption Hearings: Summer 2019

Public input opportunities are expected to be held in the month following each phase of drafting.

The exact format of each input opportunity is still being formulated, but it will likely include a summary of any significant changes to the development regulations being proposed followed by public comment and dialogue. In addition, public review of a fully completed draft is anticipated to occur summer 2019, culminating with public hearings before the Planning Board and Board of Commissioners prior to adoption.

Coordination with the City of Wilmington’s development code update is also on-going, with emphasis on using, to the extent possible, the same terminology, similar document formatting and similar processes. Development standards in the City and County will likely vary to some extent relative to the degree of planned urban and rural development but, where possible, consistency is preferred.

Updated 7/27/2018

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