Project Updates

Progress on the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) continues. The work is being completed in the following general phases:

  1.    Audit: Staff and Consultant Review of Current Codes [COMPLETE]
  2.    Phase I and II: Unified Development Ordinance [COMPLETE]
  3.    Phase III: Targeted Code Updates
    • Upgrades to Out-of-Date Zoning Tools [COMPLETE]
    • Final Amendments Associated with UDO Project [October 2020]

The project is currently in its third and final phase, which is comprised of a series of targeted amendments to address community concerns (i.e., new development close to existing homes and protection of trees) and to continue modernizing the code (i.e., adding new uses and private street design options).

You can find Planning Board briefings and presentations, along with other project updates, on this page as we move forward through Phase 3.

At their September 8, 2020 meeting the New Hanover County Board of County Commissioners voted to adopt amendments to the unified development ordinance. Please see the below documents until the full document can be updated:

When complete the full document can be found here.

During this public hearing, the Planning Board voted to recommend approval of the proposed amendments to the Board of Commissioners.  The final public hearing on this item is currently anticipated to be on the September 8, 2020 Board of Commissioners agenda.

TA20-01 Staff Summary

Draft Amendments

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