Proposed Text Amendment A-424

New Hanover County Planning Staff has drafted a text amendment to serve as a “bridging ordinance” from when the county’s comprehensive land use plan is adopted until the adoption of a unified development ordinance (UDO).  Detailed and robust discussions involving a diverse set of stakeholders will take place during the UDO project; however, this text amendment is necessary at this time to provide continued administration of the county’s zoning ordinance until the UDO is adopted.

Because the Zoning Ordinance will remain the county’s effective land development ordinance until a new development ordinance is created and adopted, the existing references to the 2006 CAMA Land Use Plan must be removed and replaced with references to the place types within the comprehensive land use plan or other designations as appropriate.

The changes in the draft amendment are intended to maintain the spirit and intent of existing regulations until more detailed conversations can take place during the creation of the UDO.  However, the changes proposed are stepping stones towards the increased opportunities for intelligent land use and growth woven throughout the county’s new comprehensive land use plan.

A public hearing for this amendment proposal will be held at the New Hanover County Planning Board’s July 7, 2016 meeting.  You are invited to review the draft and provide comments on the amendment proposal.  Comments may be sent to Ben Andrea, Current Planning and Zoning Supervisor, at or 910-798-7571.

A-424 Staff Summary

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