ZBA Meeting Results 4/28/2015

Item 1: Case ZBA-893 – Floramark, Inc, applicant, on behalf of Mark Hommes et al, owner, is requesting an 8 ft. variance to the height allowance for signs in residential areas per New Hanover County Zoning Ordinance Section 94-3: Freestanding Signs in Residential Areas. The property is located at 4415 Castle Hayne Road and zoned RA, Rural Agricultural. – GRANTED with conditions

Item 2: Case ZBA-894 – New Hanover Regional Medical Center, applicant, on behalf of SENCA Properties, LLC, owner, is requesting a 14 ft. variance to the height and 15 square ft. variance to the area allowances for signs in the Special Highway Overlay District. The property is located at the intersection of Market Street and Scotts Hill Medical Center Drive and zoned O&I (CD) and B-1 (CD). – GRANTED with conditions

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