TRC Meeting Results 2/25/2015

Item 1: Parsons Mill (Second One Year Ext Performance Plan)
Request by Dominion Land Corporation to consider a second one year
preliminary site plan extension for 354 residential lots located near the
4500 block of North College Road, west side. – EXTENSION APPROVED


Item 2: River Bluffs: 2 (Revised PD) – Request by Coastal Site Design
for River Bluffs Development Corp to consider preliminary site plan
approval of a 198 unit addition to the project located at the western
terminus of Chair Road. -APPROVED


Item 3: Tidalwalk (R/W Dedication) – Request by Atlantic Coast Survey
for MREC-Tidalwalk, LLC to consider the private dedication of a 45’ r/w
approximately 51’ in length adjacent to the cul-de-sac crown of Tidalwalk
Drive along with the approval of five (5) lots near the eastern end of the
project and the Intracoastal Waterway. – APPROVED


Item 4: Pumpkin Creek (Performance Plan) – Request by TRS
Holdings, LLC to consider a preliminary performance site plan for 62
residential lots located near the 4300 block of Blue Clay Road. – APPROVED

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