Monkey Junction Plan

Monkey Junction is one of three growth nodes identified in the county’s Comprehensive Plan, Plan NHC. The type of development needed in this area is different from the existing low-density commercial pattern. A focused plan is needed to help county officials and staff make decisions about land use, investment, and services in the area.

Over the coming months, New Hanover County will be working with the community to develop a detailed vision for this area and a plan for how to get there. The county will provide a variety of forums and events for public input and feedback. Updates and upcoming activities will be provided on this website, and residents are encouraged to sign up to receive plan updates as well.

A scoping report that will guide the future discussions and research is now available.  This report outlines the planning process and staff’s preliminary findings.

New Hanover County is currently researching the area’s existing conditions and development potential. This information will be compiled into a full report. Once it is complete, the county will begin holding special events and workshops to get input and feedback from area residents.

The study area for this plan includes the main intersection of Carolina Beach Road and South College Road, and surrounding areas.  The Wilmington city limits and major roads serve as the plan’s boundaries.

Most of the plan’s recommendations will target the area’s main commercial hub and it will include strategies to protect residents’ quality of life.

The county will include neighborhoods and businesses that are just outside of the study area in the planning process, because they could be affected by changes in the Monkey Junction area. These areas can be seen in gray on the study map.

The Scoping Report outlines the planning process and staff’s preliminary findings; it will guide future discussions and research.

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