Small Area Plans

Small area plans are guides for specific areas of the county outside city limits. They are intended to provide more detail than Plan NHC, the county’s Comprehensive Plan, and they address an area’s unique needs and opportunities. When developing small area plans, New Hanover County works with the community and the people who know the areas best to find out what is possible, desirable, and appropriate. Small area plans help make sure the community’s specific needs are addressed.

In 2008, New Hanover County conducted a Castle Hayne Community Plan. The purpose of this plan was to retain the community’s rural character even as it grew. The county continues to implement the plan’s recommendations, using it as a guide for land-use decisions.

Learn more about the Castle Hayne Community Plan »

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, four small area plans were adopted by the county. These communities have changed since the plans were adopted and new plans are needed. The areas include:

Middle Sound/Ogden (1987): Prepared at a time when this low-density residential community was beginning to experience development pressures. The plan focused on three areas of concern:  traffic, development, and the environment.

Porters Neck (1989): An effort to ensure that growth and development were compatible with the rural area of farms and woodlands.

Seabreeze (1988): Developed to spur re-investment in a historic African American beach resort facing economic and environmental decline.

Wrightsboro (1991): Focused on a growing population, increased airport and industrial development, and the planned I-140 Bypass.

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