Comprehensive Plan

In 2016, New Hanover County adopted its first Comprehensive Plan, Plan NHC, to serve as the county’s official guide for decisions about land development outside of the city limits. Plan NHC charts the course for New Hanover County’s next 25 years of economic development and land use.

Plan NHC was developed over three years, with citizen input helping to guide the county’s goals for the future. Plan NHC details current conditions and long-term trends in population and land use, and it describes how the county can reach its vision through development patterns, infrastructure, and programs.

New Hanover County’s Comprehensive Plan is organized into chapters that represent each phase of the project. You can view an interactive PDF of the Comprehensive Plan below:

Download the full PDF of Plan NHC »

The Future Land Use Map is used to guide decisions on rezonings and development regulations. It shows what type of development would be best for different areas of the county outside of city limits. These different types of development are called “place types.” The Future Land Use Map also shows the location of growth nodes, focused areas of development where more density will be encouraged.

Learn more about future land use, place types, and growth nodes »

Plan NHC describes the strategies and guidelines the county will use to implement the plan’s 21 goals. Each year, an action plan will be updated with staff’s short-term, mid-term, long-term, and ongoing efforts. Completed items will be taken off the list and new projects will be added as conditions change.

2016 Action Plan

Major initiatives from the first Action Plan include the Parks and Gardens Master Plan and Unified Development Ordinance Project.


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