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What is a Unified Development Ordinance?

UDO Project Summary

The New Hanover County Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) project is underway. County planning staff is working with the community to update New Hanover County’s zoning, subdivision, and stormwater regulations into a unified set of land use regulations.

The goals of this project include:

  • Reorganizing  the county’s regulations into one document so that the rules of development in the county are easy to assess and work in tandem with one another, and
  • Ensuring the code provides for the type of development anticipated in the county’s adopted plans

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The input of New Hanover County citizens in this process plays an important role in making sure the UDO updates achieve the county’s vision.

For answers to common questions about the UDO project, visit the FAQ page.

Regular updates—including Planning Board briefings and other presentations—regarding the targeted code amendments included in this project have been posted here so all stakeholders can remain informed of the next steps in the process.


What is a UDO?

A Unified Development Ordinance, or UDO, is one document that contains all of a jurisdiction’s development regulations. It’s organized so that all the regulations work together and so property owners and other users can easily find the information they need. New Hanover County’s new Unified Development Ordinance will provide the community with a combined set of zoning, subdivision, stormwater, and erosion control regulations in a single, easier to use, document.

The UDO will not be a new way to regulate development. It’s just a better way to organize the county’s standards for the many residents, businesses, and decision-makers who use them.

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