View several of the policy documents guiding the UDO process below:

Phase 3 – Targeted Code Updates

Final Amendments Associated with UDO Project

These amendments will be considered by the Planning Board at their October 1, 2020 meeting. Red italics indicate new language, strikethrough indicates provisions that are removed, and any changes to the summary sheets or drafts made in response to public review comments are shown in blue (italics for new, strikethrough for removed).

Tree-Related Amendments

Infill Supportive Amendments

Up-to-Date Zoning Tools

Upgrades to Out-of-Date Zoning Tools

Phase 2 – Reorganized Unified Development Ordinance Document

Phase 1 – New Zoning Codes

Zoning Ordinance Amendment to Add 8 New Zoning Districts and Revised Planned Development District

Initial New District Profile Sheets

Existing District Modifications Profile Sheets


Audit Reports and Presentations

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