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Joint New Hanover County/City of Wilmington Comprehensive Housing Study and Survey Release

New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington retained Bowen National Research for the purpose of conducting a Housing Needs Assessment of New Hanover County. With changing demographic and employment characteristics and trends expected over the years ahead, this study will assist New Hanover County and its citizens in understanding the current market conditions and projected changes that will influence future housing needs.

The Housing Needs Assessment identified the housing needs by affordability and tenure by considering demographic characteristics and trends, economic conditions, existing housing availability, community and migration trends, and quantifiable housing demand estimates.

Housing Needs Assessment

A public opinion survey was developed by the University of North Carolina Greensboro Center for Housing and Community Studies (CHCS) to gather community input about their perceptions and opinions on workforce and affordable housing and the extent of government or other interventions they believe are necessary to address this matter.

Affordable & Workforce Housing – A Public Opinion Study for New Hanover County & the City of Wilmington 


The following programs are dependent on a variety of funding sources and may not be available at all times. Please check with county staff regarding the availability of funding for each program.


Water and Sewer Revolving Loans are zero-percent interest loans for water and sewer infrastructure improvements in low-income households.

  • Only properties within unincorporated New Hanover County are eligible.
  • Loan terms are 5 to 10 years depending on circumstances.
  • Eligibility depends on household income and results of a credit check.
  • For questions, please contact Rachel LaCoe at or 910-798-7442

To apply, complete the Water and Sewer Revolving Loan application and return it:

  • By email to
  • By fax to 910-798-7053
  • By mail to 230 Government Center Drive, Suite 110, Wilmington, NC 28403
  • Please submit proof of income (one month’s pay stub, social security statement, retirement income statement) with your application.
  • Application forms (fill out both forms)

Federal and/or state funds are available to provide relief from natural or man-made disasters. Please visit the Disaster Assistance website if you need assistance with the following scenarios:

  • Repair or replacement housing
  • Elevation of flood prone homes and businesses
  • Purchase of homes severely affected by natural disaster
  • Assistance with the purchase of post-disaster flood insurance
  • Down-payment assistance for replacement homes

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program benefits low-to-moderate income households and may assist with neighborhood revitalization, water and sewer infrastructure improvements, and economic development. The program is provided trough the NC Department of Commerce, Division of Community Assistance Programs.

New Hanover County is a non-entitlement community, which means the application process is competitive for our county and funding is not guaranteed. As soon as CDBG funding is made available, the application package for county residents will be available on this site.

Scattered Site Housing grants are used to address the most critical housing needs of very low-income families, who earn at or below 50% of area median income. Eligible activities include housing rehabilitation, substantial rehabilitation, relocation/clearance, reconstruction, and emergency repair.  Grants are made to approximately 33 county governments each year, on a non-competitive rotating basis.

The Urgent Repair Program provides funds to help homeowners make essential repairs to their homes. When available, homeowners can apply for funds of up to $8,000 per unit. Homes eligible under this program must have a total household income at or below 50% of the area median income, and meet one of the follow criteria:

  • one or more full-time household members is older than 62 years of age
  • handicapped or disabled
  • Veteran
  • single parent
  • large households of five or more
  • households with children who have elevated blood-lead levels

Use the chart below to determine if you may qualify for a grant. Eligibility is determined by your household income and the number of individuals in your household, including children and adults who do not have an income. Currently, Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry is administering this grant. They can be reached at 910-399-7563.

Housing discrimination is Prohibited by Law. View the public notice »

Housing discrimination complaints can be made online on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development website.

More information regarding fair housing can be found on the NC Department of Administration website.

Planning and Land Use: 230 Government Center Dr, Suite 110 • Wilmington, NC 28403 • Phone 910-798-7165 • Fax 910-798-7053
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