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The Planning Board is made up of 7 members appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  Its duties are outlined by state law and include reviewing and making recommendations to the Commissioners on legislative actions (text amendments and rezonings) and plans and studies for growth, development, and redevelopment in the county.  The Planning Board also serves as a preliminary forum for proposed special use permits to allow adjacent property owners and other members of the community to learn more about a proposed project prior to the quasi-judicial hearing held by the Board of Commissioners.

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The Technical Review Committee (or TRC) consists of representatives of County departments and agencies involved with development review, including Planning & Land Use, Engineering, Fire Services, Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA), and Environmental Health.  Its primary purpose is to provide for coordinated review of development proposals to ensure compliance with the requirements of their separate codes.   Other agencies such as NCDOT, the Wilmington MPO, the NC Department of Environmental Quality, and the US Army Corps of Engineers may also participate.

The Board of Adjustment is made up of 5 regular members and 3 alternates appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  Its duties are outlined by state law and include reviewing and making decisions on variances to the Unified Development Ordinance, reasonable accommodations, and appeals of administrative decisions, all of which require a quasi-judicial hearing.

The Workforce Housing Advisory Committee (WHAC) is a joint committee between New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington made up of six members appointed by the Board of Commissioners, six members appointed by the City of Wilmington, and one representative of the joint City/County Community Relations Advisory Committee.  The WHAC was created in 2019 to develop a workforce housing study and public opinion survey; conduct a public awareness campaign on the topic of workforce housing; make advisory recommendations on procedures, processes, or policies that will promote workforce housing; and provide an annual written report or presentation.

Meeting Dates:

Meetings will be held at 3:00 PM on the 1st Wednesday of each month (excluding July).

More information on the WHAC can be found here

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