• Wayne Clark, AICP
    Planning and Land Use Director
    Phone: 910-798-7164
  • Ken Vafier CFM, AICP
    Planning Manager
    Department Administration, Floodplain administration, Current Planning & Zoning, Long Range Planning
    Phone: 910-798-7281
  • Vacant
    Current Planning & Zoning Supervisor
    Ordinance Administration, Variances & Appeals, Current Planning & Zoning Supervisor
  • Christine Bouffard, CFM, CZO, CAMA LPO
    Zoning Compliance Official
    Zoning, Setbacks, CAMA (Northern NHC)
    Phone: 910-798-7074
  • Denise Brown
    Zoning Administrative Technician
    Zoning Administrative Assistance
    Phone: 910-798-7116
  • Vacant
    Senior Planner
  • Darrell Galloway, CZO
    Zoning Compliance Official
    Zoning, Setbacks, CAMA (Southern NHC)
    Phone: 910-798-7348
  • Dylan McDonnell
    Long Range Planner
    Comprehensive Planning, Long Range Projects, Education/Outreach
    Phone: 910-798-7223
  • Julia Santure
    Community Development Planner
    Housing Programs Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Water/Sewer Loan Program
    Phone: 910-798-7442
  • Linda Painter, CFM, CZO, CAMA LPO
    Zoning Compliance Official
    Commercial Plan Review, Zoning, Permitted Uses, Setbacks, CAMA
    Phone: 910-798-7068
  • Brad Schuler, AICP
    Current Planner
    Rezoning, Special Use Permit, and Subdivision Review
    Phone: 910-798-7444
  • Rebekah Roth, CZO, AICP
    Senior Planner
    Long Range Project Manager, Comprehensive Planning, Education/Outreach
    Phone: 910-798-7465
  • John Townsend
    Planning Coordinator
    Addressing, GIS
    Phone: 910-798-7443
  • Jackie Williams-Rowland
    Planning Administrative Specialist
    General Administration
    Phone: 910-798-7624
Planning and Land Use: 230 Government Center Dr, Suite 110 • Wilmington, NC 28403 • Phone 910-798-7165 • Fax 910-798-7053