Public Comment Form

Public Comment Form

  1. Public Comment Form

    The agenda items listed are available for public comment at an upcoming Planning Board or Board of Commissioners meeting. Comments received by noon the day before the applicable meeting will be made available to the Board prior to that meeting and will be included as part of the permanent, public record for that meeting.

  2. Projects available for comment.*

    February 2, 2023 Board of Commissioners Meeting

    • Z22-23 - CZD Rezoning, 6830 & 6844 Carolina Beach Rd, CZD B-1 & CZD R-5 (Continued from previous PB Meeting)
    • Z23-02 - Straight Rezoning, Castle Hayne Road, R-7
    • Z23-03 - CZD Rezoning, 5741 Carolina Beach Road, CZD R-5
    • Z23-04 - CZD Rezoning, 6900 Carolina Beach Road, CZD RMF-L & CZD B-2
    • Z23-05 - CZD Rezoning, 4629 Carolina Beach Rd, CZD B-2

    February 6, 2023 Board of Commissioners Meeting

    • Z22-25 - CZD Rezoning, 2700 & 2707 Old Wrightsboro Road, CZD AC
    • Z22-26 - CZD Rezoning, 2626 Castle Hayne Road, CZD CB
    • S22-03 - Special Use Permit, Plantation Road & Military Cutoff Extension, Wireless Communication Tower

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